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Home Seller Myths-Busted!

Ok sellers, it's your turn! There are a ton of myths surrounding selling your home in today's market. Let's debunk some of these for good!

1. You have to wait for Spring to list.

Wrong. There are more buyers right now than HOUSES. They are chomping at the bit for your digs basically. Waiting until Spring just gives other homeowners a chance to compete with you!

2. You won't be able to find another house.

It's true, on the buyer side there is A LOT of competition. BUT that's where our expertise in the market comes into play. We have lots of ways to negotiate with sellers so everybody is happy.

Including, being able to stay in your house until you find the next one..

In the end, if you need to SELL and BUY, we can make it happen.

3. Less buyers = Lower price As we mentioned, there are still A LOT of buyers out there! Every deal and house is different. Talk to us before you list, for the latest market value of your house. THEN dress it up for the prom! If your place is priced right and looking fabulous, there is no reason it won't sell for top dollar. And hey, it only takes ONE offer!

4. Selling means repairs, and who has that money? This is DEFINITELY a myth if you work with Team Hilbert! We have a Home Prep team ready to clean, prep, repair, and even stage! The best part, you don't pay until closing.. So don't wait to list, just because the house needs a Spring cleaning!

5. But the national news says... Don't believe the hype, as the kids say. The national news has to consider EVERY market. Your local area and neighborhood need to be considered independently. That's why it's SO important to contact an agent and find out what your options are. They are boots on the ground in your neighborhood!

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