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Picking a real estate team is very personal.  Not only does your agent need to be a rock star negotiator, they have to represent YOU.  We've collected a few rock stars.. Take a peak, poke around.. Who makes your real estate heart skip a beat??

team hilbert 


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Tiffany Hilbert 

The fearless leader of Team Hilbert, an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for finding her clients the perfect place to call home... Tiffany Hilbert's first love of real estate and helping her community started in 1990, when she founded a company called 'The Roommate and Apartment Network'.  A platform that paired roommates and also assisted landlords with finding amazing tenants.  Turns out, making people happy is her favorite part of her job today.  A Rochester native that specializes in buyer and seller acquisitions, Tiffany created a team of like-minded passionate agents that excel in helping clients close the deal in today's market.  See more about Tiffany here..  

Cell: (585) 729-0583

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson

Dan Jones


He'll tell you like it is, straight shooting with a smile.  Dan Jones is the agent you probably grew up playing baseball with in the back yard.  You know right away that you can trust his instincts..  Specializing in everything from diamonds-in-the-rough, to the perfect turn-key house in Pittsford, he knows a good deal when he sees one.  Growing up in Rochester, he's familiar with our 1920's architecture and the return on investment potential.  Whether you are an investor, first time home buyer, or moving into your dream house, rest assured you're in the right hands with Dan.  Looking for a good contractor, or need to sell in a hurry?  Check out Dan's full list of SERVICES!  


In his spare time, you may have seen his putting around the golf courses of Rochester.  We suspect doing more real estate talk than actual golfing..


Cell: (585) 520-6965

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Charles McBride


As a licensed real estate agent and Client Concierge, Charles is our front man for V.I.P. services. 

An Ontario native, avid fisherman, and self proclaimed treasure hunter, he's a seeker by nature.  Whether he's finding your forever home, or a local contractor, he's a treasure in his own right!  


Just ask his adorable partner in crime, Zena.  She's always up for his latest adventure, as long as cookies are provided!  Check out Charles' FULL BIO and see what he can do for you.

Cell: (585) 721-8990

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Jessica Taccetta

Meet Jessica Taccetta, a skilled real estate professional with a keen eye for detail and a heart full of dedication. As a married mom of three spirited girls, Jessica knows a thing or two about juggling responsibilities and staying calm under pressure. With her certified real estate negotiator certification, she's a force to be reckoned with in the market, having successfully guided over 100 buyers and sellers to their real estate dreams. 


Jessica's ability to balance the sweetness of family life with the sharpness of real estate negotiations makes her a standout agent.  Read her full bio HERE!


Cell: (585) 748-0409

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson

Tif W

Tiffany Williams


Greeting people with that smile is this Momma’s secret weapon!  A diehard lover of people and design, she combines the best of both worlds as an agent.  She can find you that diamond in the rough, and give you design advice to polish it like a penny!  Her favorite part of being a real estate agent? 

The phone call… YOU GOT THE HOUSE!

When she’s not scoring the best deal in town, you can find her cuddling her two Shar Pei mixes, Henry and Kevin.  (You read that right, Henry and Kevin!!)  See more about Tiffany HERE

Cell: (585) 530-7579

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Oliver Cacovski

Even though he was born in Australia, his accent is 100% Rochester.  Just like his commitment to his clients, Oliver is known for going the distance with his customers.  Whether it's a backyard game of football, or a real estate transaction, he never takes his eye off the ball.  This translates to a smooth transaction from seller to buyer every time.


When he's not making dreams come true for his clients, you'll find him enjoying time with his wife and 18 month old daughter, who most likely owns a NY Giants jersey by now. 


Cell: (585) 721-1329

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Jesse Sanfilippo


Cell: (585) 760-4709

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson

From Ironworker to real estate agent, there isn’t much that can rattle Jesse.  He’s a straight shooter you can trust with your biggest purchase (his middle IS James!).  A Rochester native,  with years of networking has built a remarkable team to help in every area of home ownership.  Jesse is also a local investor with a passion for teaching clients the many benefits!  Whether you are looking to build a portfolio, or BRRR method investing he has a true passion for helping people build wealth. 


In his free time he enjoys fitness, adrenaline and relaxation.  He's an early bird, 6:30 am up and at the gym ready for whatever his clients may need.  Riding his Harley Davidson and spending time on the water is what he enjoys most outside of real estate. 


Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, call Jesse TODAY to talk about everything and anything Real Estate!  (or Harley Davidson)  See more about Jesse James Realty HERE.


Elise LoVullo


Leap and the net will appear! This business and finance major left her job in the restaurant industry of 10 years to pursue real estate, after a nudge from one of her regulars. 


Talk about drive… this Rochester native has been a homeowner since the age of 20 and can show you a thing or two about changing a furnace filter!  A self-proclaimed Type A, her favorite part of real estate is helping people navigate the complexities of buying a house.  Using her natural ability to manage any situation you can throw at her, she’s the one to have on your side of the closing table.

When she’s not searching for your dream home, you’ll find her sharping her DIY skills with a little help from YouTube, and her cat, Fluff!  Check out her full bio HERE!


Cell: (585) 350-9042

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Tyler Ranke


Cell: (585) 329-5363

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson

Meet Tyler Ranke! Rochester's own real estate singing sensation and a star player of Team Hilbert. This homegrown hero, with a stint in Albany for college creds, lives and breathes Rochester real estate, sports, and tunes.


From tearing up the track in high school and college to being the loudest cheerleader for any and every football and basketball game, Tyler's got energy to spare. But wait, there's more to this melody-making agent than meets the eye. Tyler's the maestro of making things clear, turning the daunting into the doable. He gets jazzed about guiding clients through the maze of home buying.


His mantra? Helping others is his kind of music, and in real estate, he's hitting all the right notes.  Read more about Tyler HERE!

Karina Swanson

Rebecca J

This caregiver by nature will give you all the feels during your transaction.  She’s the superstar admin behind the team, as well as an agent in her own right.  Process driven and task oriented, chances are you’ll have a few conversations with her during your real estate journey.  But don’t worry, she’ll talk you off the ledge and get you to the closing table with time to spare! 


After starting her career as an administrator, she quickly passed her real estate test with flying colors!  Her friends and clients have dubbed her the #coffeenow_champagnelater agent!


Cell: (315) 335-6673

Office: (585) 362-8901

Licensed RE salesperson


Rebecca Zephrani


As Team Hilbert's Marketing Director, Rebecca is usually behind the scenes.  With a background in Home Staging and Web Design, she is responsible for all the pretty posts of your properties, and good lighting for the agents.  Some more than others.. (Mostly Dan)

Her motto is: "If their marketing doesn't stand out, how will your listing?"


In between designing, you can find her with her trusty side-kick, Stella.  A hot-mess terrier rescued from the streets of Rochester.      

Cell: (585) 305-5816

Office: (585) 362-8901


As our Strategic Service Coordinator, Nina brings a dynamic blend of finance expertise and savvy from her decade-long experience in banking and agriculture. Her skills range from Support Services to Accounting for the team, making even the most confounding spreadsheets seem like child's play!


But Nina's not just about numbers; she's a book-loving, travel-enthusiast with a flair for adventure, aiming to explore a new state every year. Her passion for people extends to her love for rescue dogs, including her special companion, Moony. With her colorful personality and diverse interests, Nina is set to make a significant impact, strategically guiding our clients through their real estate journeys with the same enthusiasm and skill she applies to every aspect of her life.  

Nina Tillman


Cell: (585) 703-4743

Office: (585) 362-8901

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