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Home Buyer Myths-Busted!

Are you still waiting to buy a house based on one or more of these old myths? Things have changed in the world of real estate, my friend. Let's debunk some of these for good!

1. You Don't Need Perfect Credit

There are many programs that let you get a mortgage with less than perfect credit! We can help you find them.. We have lender partners that can work MAGIC..

2. You Don't Need 20% down

Some programs are as low as 3%! Are you a veteran? You can qualify for no money down! You don't know unless you ASK!

3. High Interest Rates... Yes, the rates went up. This does not mean you can't afford to buy a house. Rates go up and down and it's easy to refinance in the future.

Buying a home at 6% for $20K less then when competing heavily is like getting a home for $40K over ask at 3%. It's a numbers game but you have to play to WIN.

4. "I Don't Want To Compete" Again, you can't win unless you get in the game! Yes, you might lose some bids...But you also might win. We are experts in making that happen, so stop watching from the sidelines. Some sellers are receiving very few offers right now, it just depends on the property.

5. "I Can't Afford Another $10,000." We know these are big numbers and scary to hear, but consider this... For every $10,000 extra in mortgage = approx. $55 extra / month. So as long as you can budget, and skip the Starbucks.. You might be able to afford more than you think!

6. I Need A Place Fast!! Some closings can happen as quick as 30 days! Every deal is different and some happen VERY fast. Get all your ducks in a row, then let us know exactly what you need. Along with our partners; attorneys, lenders, movers... We can make it work for you.

7. "Zillow Says" "Zillow Says" Zillow is a great place to start but working with a professional full time real estate agent we will be able to find the most current and up to date properties the minute they hit the market. Local agents are on the ground, in the trenches! We know the current market conditions and what's coming up!

8. Getting Pre-qualified? Yes, you need to! Nobody will show you a house without getting pre-qualified. And it can happen in a day, so there is no reason to keep putting this off. Working with a local lender is the best advise of all... real estate agents know the lenders - trust their process, know their track record and can get a hold of them at all times.

Now is the best time to get out and find the perfect home before the crazy spring market begins! Call Team Hilbert to get started today!

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