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Top 5 Things Your Realtor Won't Tell You - (Unless they're Team Hilbert)

Sometimes being a real estate agent is tricky.. We want the best for our clients, but sometimes that means tough conversations. Like, 'did you cook fish last night, we might need to light a candle!' We're kidding of course, your house probably smells fine. But in all seriousness, you need an agent that will tell it like it is, and give you THE RIGHT advice throughout your real estate transaction.

We compiled the TOP 5 THINGS other agents MIGHT skirt around to spare your feelings or maybe they just aren't aware. It comes with experience, and that, we have..

Buying and Selling is all about EMOTIONS.

Letting go of your current home takes courage and emotions definitely get involved. Try not to take it personally when your agent suggests a little 'refresh' or staging. We all have a hard time viewing our space objectively. As a buyer, try to focus on what it would REALLY be like to live there. If you form an emotional connection, she just might be the one!

Interest Rates Will Affect Your Sales Prices And What You Can Afford.

Real talk, interest rates are up from last year. If your agent gave you a home valuation or a price range for a new house, that number could be vastly different based on the current rates. It's best to have that conversation right BEFORE you are ready to buy or sell. Don't get stuck on a specific number from 6 months ago..


And... piggy-backing off that last point, you might need to compromise a little! Everyone dreams of the PERFECT house but is it out there? Just because you might need to change a few cosmetic things, doesn't mean it's not THE ONE. Try to look past easy fixes and things that can be done over time. Make it your own! Focus on things you can't change, like the location, schools, commute, etc.. You just might get an amazing deal that everybody else overlooked!

Spring Starts Earlier Than you Think!

And why is that a big deal? If your agent tells you to wait until the Lilacs are blooming to buy or sell, you might be missing a lot of the Spring market. You should be prepped and ready by March, people! For home sellers, that means all the repairs have been made and she's ready for the final staging touches. Buyers, get prequalified and know your realistic budget, then start shopping! Sign up with Team Hilbert for the latest alerts in your favorite neighborhoods.

Sellers! Consider A Pre-Inspection...

Home inspections took a back seat during the crazy market, but they're BAAAACK! Consider prepping early and get a pre-inspection. Why? No surprises.. You'll know exactly what the issues will be BEFORE you list. You can choose to fix them , or wait, but at least you'll know! This is also a great time to schedule a staging consultation as previously mentioned.. We know a few fantastic stagers that will give you great suggestions for maximizing that emotional connection!

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