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Don't Panic...The Market is Shifting.

It was inevitable. The real estate market in Rochester is shifting. But what does that mean? Or rather doesn't mean. Well it does not mean you won't get top dollar for your house, or that zero offers will be made. That was a lot of double negatives, but you get the gist. When the market shifts, it doesn't go straight into a buyer's market. You haven't 'missed the boat'.

There is what we call a 'neutral' market, and it seems we are headed that way. says, "Fewer homes sold in 1st quarter, but at higher prices." Buyers are still out there, lurking in the shadows.. just kidding buyers! But seriously, this is actually GOOD NEWS all around. Buyers AND sellers will be in a good position to land a deal. Real estate is a constantly changing atmosphere, and we are headed into sunny skies! So bring your A game, and call the team to get started TODAY. If you're selling, get staging guides, find out about our Home Prep Team, and sign up for a free home valuation here. Buyers, get prequalified or start your home search here! See, everybody WINS...

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