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Top 5 Ways To Prep Your House For The Spring Market-Now.

So you want to list your house this Spring, eh?? Well dust off that Swiffer and get moving! Spring is typically the busiest season for buyers and sellers. With market conditions still booming in Rochester, this year promises to be another year for the record books.

So how do you capitalize on that NOW? You prep. When the Spring market hits, you'll be ready to hit the market, and come out smelling like a Flower City Lilac! Here are some ways to get ready to sell your home in the Spring during the winter months.

First: Declutter

Ok... If you haven't heard this before, you're not watching enough HGVT. Decluttering is one of the MOST important things to do before you list. Just.. be careful! You're not trying to declutter to the point of NOTHING, ZERO, NO personality.. Go for one statement piece on a table, a few white candles, and some fresh throw pillows. DO NOT cover every surface with your crystal collection, family photos, and beanie babies! The more clutter around, the smaller (and messier) your house looks, especially in photos. On that note, take a picture of your main living areas, then look at the pictures.. It's eye opening! Buyers want to see the house, feel connected to it with SUBTLE designs touches, and picture themselves in that space. Not you.

Not sure where to start? Download our handy-dandy Ultimate Guide To Staging! It covers de-cluttering with a guide for each room. Which we'll talk about in a bit!

Do Some Deep-Cleaning

Clean, like your mother-in-law is coming. Deep cleaning an entire house can be very time-consuming, so get started now to make your Spring life easier. A deep clean is important for making your home look its best in your staging photos and walk-throughs. This might include washing and cleaning places that are not normally cleaned and going the extra mile to make the home look spotless. Maybe your shower needs a good scrub or re-caulking—whatever it is, spring cleaning doesn’t have to wait for spring!

Get Started On Staging

Realtors agrees, staging helps sell houses, typically FASTER and for MORE money. The goal of home staging is to show off your home’s assets while making it welcoming to the average prospective buyer. Small design touches, like fresh flowers, candles, and those throw pillows we talked about, go a long way in connecting them to the house. Who dreams of buying a bland, sad, dated abode? Nobody. Who dreams of living in West Elm? Everybody. So don't skip this part of the prep! If you need some guidance, call in a local stager for a design consulation. They're great at bringing out a home's assets and creating emotional connections for your buyers. Here's that Ultimate Staging Guide Download Again!

Prep For Your Home Inspection

Like home staging, home inspections are another important part of the selling process for buyers and sellers. Home inspections can identify major repairs that are needed for your home and can play in your offer amount. Sometimes buyers and sellers can negotiate for one party to cover all repairs. In general, it’s best not to be caught unaware of any vital repairs your house needs during the selling process.

In the winter, you can make sure any necessary repairs are taken care of in advance. This might include things like plumbing repairs, HVAC repairs, or important electrical concerns. Pre-inspection repairs may also include tackling interior appliances, damp or moldy basements, or other concerns that will be obstacles.

Get A FREE Home Valuation Now!

Advanced prep can make selling in the Spring run much smoother. Part of that is knowing how much your house might be worth after all that effort. Contact the team and find out!

In this market, it's probably more than you think..

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