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Not Your Grandmother's Wallpaper


If the word Wallpaper elicits scary images of metallic orange flowers closing in on you, you're not alone. (Sorry, grandma). Today, more and more designers are creating beautiful and bold patterns in a wide variety of colors, textures, and motifs, leaving behind the gaudy glow-in-the-dark disasters of our childhood. And don't be afraid of a buying a house with a dated pattern, you can paint or paper right over it! So get on with updating and pick a pattern with a punch!

When choosing a wallpaper, first consider the size, style, and use of the room. For small rooms, go for light colors and patterns that are not too complex; if you like bold colors, use them carefully in accents like a back wall or a column to add a pop of color. Large-scaled wallpapers can be used in social areas or bedrooms to add depth and texture to the design without making the room feel cramped.

Wallpaper Isn't Just For Walls!

It's pretty, versatile, and these days removable.. For most projects you will only need a small amount so shop for 'last rolls' or overstock sales.

Make your drawers POP

If you love flea markets, you can revamp old pieces of furniture and give them an edgy look with some paint and yes, wallpaper. Decorate the drawers or the top of a dresser using strips of wallpaper to add some funky colors or patterns to its surface. You can use and recycle some leftover wallpaper from another room to create a unique design for your dresser!

Create a beautiful and original headboard

flickr headboard

A perfect solution to add texture and color to the bedroom without spending too much! You can frame the wallpaper, stick it directly to the wall or use a wooden board to cover its surface with the pattern of your choice. With this last option, you can even change the wallpaper every year or so to renovate your room with little effort. It's Grandma's wallpaper in smaller doses!

Go to new heights

wallpaper ceiling

Sometimes we don't have the space to display a beautiful wallpaper design on walls or partitions, but let's think outside the box, shall we?? Well the ceiling of the box anyway.. Using wallpaper on the ceiling can be a little tricky, but with the right professional you can achieve a unique look and add a touch of texture to the room, just make sure the pattern or motif isn't too heavy to avoid creating an illusion of a lower ceiling.

Taking it to the next level (Literally)

wallpaper on stairs

Stairs tend to get overlooked in every day design but you can step up your game with wallpaper. A mix of prints and patterns give personality to this otherwise strictly functional element. Use colors and motifs that match your décor style or go bold and make them a real show stopper.

Boring shelves be gone

Another small project with a big impact, decorating the bookcase. It instantly changes the look and transforms it into a decorative piece without being too bold or extreme. Unless you're into that sort of thing...

The moral of the story is GO FOR IT! And remember, don't be put-off by a house that has old wallpaper. Yes, it can be a big job to remove it, or you could paper right over the old with a fresh pattern.

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