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Jesse Sanfilippo

In Your Corner...Always.

A trusted Rochester native known for his straightforward approach and passion for helping clients navigate the complexities of homeownership and real estate investment. With a background that combines resilience with a robust network, Jesse is dedicated to guiding clients toward building wealth through smart property decisions.

Cell: (585) 760-4709

Office: (585) 362-8901

It's Time To Invest.

  • Help clients seize real estate opportunities in the buzzing Rochester housing market.

  • Assist in enhancing property value with access to top-notch contractors.

  • Connect sellers with eager buyers looking to transform properties into dream homes.

  • Offer the possibility of purchasing the property directly under the right circumstances.

  • Provide accurate, no-obligation home valuations and help clients understand their options.

Let's chat! I'm just a call or email away

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