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Elise LoVullo

Just Go For It!  I Got Your Back...

Driven by her go-for-it attitude and passion for helping people achieve their dreams.  She loves guiding others through the complexities of buying a house. With Elise on your side, you can confidently navigate the journey to your dream home!

Cell: (585) 350-9042

Office: (585) 362-8901


"Your Partner In Real Estate"

  • Real Estate Enthusiast: Elise's passion for real estate shines through her dedication to helping clients navigate the complexities of buying a home, making her a valuable ally in the journey to homeownership.

  • Proactive Problem Solver: As a self-proclaimed Type A personality, Elise excels at managing any situation thrown her way, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

  • Early Achiever: Demonstrating her drive and determination, this Rochester native became a homeowner at the age of 20, showcasing her commitment to personal and financial growth.

  • Industry Transition: After a decade in the restaurant industry, Elise's leap into real estate was inspired by encouragement from a regular customer, highlighting her adaptability and willingness to embrace new challenges.

  • Practical Expertise: Elise's hands-on approach extends beyond real estate

       transactions, as she can even guide clients on practical matters like changing

       a furnace filter, emphasizing her well-rounded skill set.

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