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West Elm Design On A Walmart Budget

We all dream of living in the display of a West Elm store, but how many of us can actually spend thousands and thousands of dollars on decorating our homes? (Certainly, not us!). Whenever we go shopping, it's almost impossible not to drool and be dazed by this awesome decorating stores and it's exquisite taste that we want so bad to portray at our homes. Achieving that beautiful, polished and elegant look from high-end stores can be easier and cheaper than you think. A lot of researching, comparing prizes, and even some fun DIY is involved, but trust us: Your wallet will thank you for this. Keep reading to find out how to actually pull-off a West Elm look on a Walmart Budget!

You don't HAVE to have it all.

Yes, we know that that tufted headboard looks great paired with those simple and delicate wood spheres that gracefully embraces the top of the shabby-chic dresser you've always dreamed of, BUT, that doesn't mean you have to have all of those elements in your bedroom to get a West Elmish kinda vibe on your decor style. Choose your battles wisely and opt for the item that offers the best design and fits your budget, some of the stuff you see on stores can easily be done at home, which leads us to our next point: DIY!

There are thousands of tutorials about how to make the perfect headboard, creating your own decorative pieces or that awesome puff you saw at the store for less than half the price! If you love crafts (And saving money) doing most of your decoration yourself is a great way to save money, keep you busy and having something to be proud of! From simple crafts like pillows or decorative cushions to full headboards or bookshelves, with a little patience and research, you'll be able to get the look without breaking the bank.

Just because it looks good on the store doesn't mean it will look good in your home.

Sometimes we need to step back and set apart our wants from our need and the actual space that we have to accommodate the furniture and decoration of our home. A good design is always worth the money, but it also needs to fit our requirement in order to consider the item as a great piece of our home. Don't let yourself get carried away by a great bargain without seriously thinking about where and how that specific item will fit in your house. Even if it's gorgeous, you will end up with a great-looking piece of junk that can't even fit inside your bedroom.

Do a little research and chase flea markets

If you fall in love with something you saw on any high-end design store, don't rush and buy it right away! Believe it or not, there are many options online or in flea markets that look exactly the same or that only need a few coats of paint to get the same hip vibe. You will be surprised at the amount of beautiful second-hand pieces of furniture that are waiting to be found on flea markets, so don't miss the chance and take a look before making the big splurge.

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