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How To Marry Your Garage Sales Finds With Modern Pieces.

Although for many, garage sales are often a mess of old and used things. The truth is that you can get incredible pieces to complement the decor of your home for a really great price. The search is not easy, but with a good eye and patience, you will be lucky enough to find just what you were looking for to complement the design of your any of your rooms. The great majority of the times, the piece that we find are not totally compatible with our style or needs, but like any diamond in the rough, a little work and imagination will make your findings take on new life. As they say: one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Decorating a house can be expensive, but there are many ways of reducing the costs by doing some renovations and creating your own pieces using secondhand pieces of furniture. If you already have some modern sofas or dinner set, we'll give you some tips on how to add a touch of personality to the decoration using garage sale finds so, keep reading!

Know what you REALLY need and identify your decorating style

For example, if you already made a splurge purchasing a great mattress for your bedroom, all you need now is a great headboard to frame and decorate your sleeping area. There are tons of cheap things you could use to create a great headboard! From used pallets to an old table, everything works if you have imagination and a good hand, the trick is to adapt the new piece to your decorating style. Elegant and minimalistic? Go for neutral tones and solid colors. Trendy an eclectic? Combine different textures like patchwork and bright colors. Do a little research on which style works best for you so you can have a solid background to decorate your garage sale finds.

Everything is not what it seems

Be creative! That glass jar you bought can become a beautiful metallic centerpiece with just a little spray, and those drawers you found will look great as a shelving unit or a coffee table. Plates and dishes are a great way to decorate your walls using a monochromatic theme or simply pairing colorful and different designs for a more eclectic room. The possibilities are endless!

Shabby-chic is always in style

Upcycling old-fashioned furniture always results in a unique work of art that will add a lot of personality to your house. If you don't want to spend much and are planning on getting as much as you can from garage sales, try creating a shabby-chic theme for your rooms to make everything mix and work together with little effort. Shabby-chic is all about warmth and "unperfect" decoration, embracing the uniqueness of every piece, becoming one of the favorite styles for those who want to decorate their houses without spending much. Invest in modern equipment such as light fixtures, TV, or kitchen appliances, everything else will be waiting for you at a yard sale.

Find inspiration

Incorporating secondhand furniture into your home might be a tricky if you don't have a set of ideas to follow or simple inspiration to get you started. Make sure to check on architecture and design websites or Pinterest to find great tutorials on how and which elements could actually work for your decoration so you won't end up with a house that looks like an actual garage sale.

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