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3 Easy Steps To Create Your Zen Space (Before You Murder Somebody)

It ain't easy being Zen… Am I right? Finding the time to clear your head from the every day is not easy, let alone a space to do it. Meditation can make you feel more balanced, patient, and able to take on the world again. So let's sit down, all Buddha style and figure out how this is going to look... You don't have to transform your house into a Buddhist temple, but let's at least start with a quiet corner you can call your own.

Find the perfect spot

Look... Once you've perfected your craft, you can probably meditate while the Roomba is bumping into you. But let's assume you're not that mindful just yet.. Look for place that feels peaceful, maybe it has great light and it's quiet, maybe you just feel calm being in that space. Tiny abode? Your sacred space doesn't have to take up a lot of real estate. Start small, a floor pillow, salt lamp, a special memento.. Remember this is about finding space IN YOUR HEAD.. If you're really limited on space it's time to move sister, we're here for you!

Appeal to Your Senses

The idea is to BE PRESENT and mindful of your senses. (You have 5 in case you forgot)

So gather some inspiration for your space like these..

If you're new to this mindful Zen stuff, we highly recommend The Book of Awakening. It will definitely get you in the right MINDset.. And don't forget your candles, aromatic herbs or incense! The sense of smell is one of the most powerful. Take advantage of this and it will help you instantly disconnect yourself from the craziness around you.

Create a Focal Point

Whether it's one little statue, or a collection of your favorite trinkets and candles. This is your ALTAR, make it a focal point that speaks to you.

Inspiration from across the globe

This whole thing started long before you missy, so take some clues from the masters. They surrounded themselves with LOVE MAN! Oh wait, that was the 60's.. But you get my jive. In the tradition of Buddhism, the color red, for instance, represents life and protective love. Try incorporating this into your space and reflect on what it means to you.

Focus on the Energy of the Space

Bring in what intuitively makes you feel calm. Crystals, affirmation stones, artwork, whatever! Just focus on getting the energy right. Avoid cluttering the space with non-essentials. Put the box of tealights away, and for god sake turn off your phone!

This is your sanctuary, treat it as such and it will give you much joy. Now go find a quiet corner and get your Zen on...

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